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Mobile Apps

Our CRM solutions are App enabled, so you can use your CRM system wherever you go.

Homeworking could not be any easier, stay connected to your organisation from anywhere in the world.

Alternatively, we can build you an app to your specifications.

Exeternal Integration / APIs

We can integrate your CRM to your website, email package or finance system.

Alternatively, we can build you a customer portal from scratch.


We can help you set up rules based transactional marketing or mass marketing campaigns.

Our CRM systems have built in marketing modules that can give you automated outbound messages.

Alternatively, we can integrate your CRM with an external email/marketing package.


Set up your business for success

Here at Clystnet we help you find and set up the right Client Relationship Management (CRM) system allowing you to track your customers with ease. In addition, we carry out custom bespoke CRM development work as well as integrating CRM systems with accounting, project management, quoting and HR software.

We work with Opensource CRMs including Vtiger, SuiteCRM, SugarCRM and civiCRM. 

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Automation made easyWith Custom Workflows


Multiple Tasks

Save time by automating multiple tasks therefore reducing your workload.


Reduce User Input

This reduces the chance for human input errors and increases the quality of your data.


Emails and marketing

Automate the sending of emails based on triggers, such as a birthday greeting based on date of birth.


Calculate Data

Enter the raw data and let the CRM handle all of the tricky calculations. This saves time and reduces user error.



You can create reports and then create an automation that sends that report to specific users on a specified schedule.


Easy Automation!

No coding required! Follow a simple wizard to add or change automation as required. Add a task in a couple of minutes.


External Links

Automation does not have to be limited to the CRM. We can help you update your finance package or website automatically.


Add tasks

Set yourself or team members tasks based on events. For example, add an automatic invoice task to your accounts team when a deal is closed.


Completely Customisable

The key advantage of an Opensource CRM (apart from the price of course) is that YOU have the power to make it work the way you need it to work. All of the systems we supply are fully customisable. What ever functionality you want, we (or you) can add. The limit really is your imagination. Ask the supplier of any non opensource system if they can do this and the answer will probably be 'no'... At Clystnet we don't believe you should have to compromise.


Where Are We?

We are based in the South West of the UK (Exeter area). We provide services to businesses in Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset and Devon as well as Nationally. Our client base includes organisations such as Clubbercise (Dance Fitness, London base, Global coverage), EPMA (Midlands base, Europe wide trade body), GV Multimedia (UK Wide Audio Visual Specialist) and Nine Group (Telecoms, UK Wide).


What Our Customers Said

  • We selected an Open Source solution through Clystnet as it allowed us to have a CRM system to fit our exact needs, rather than have to compromise on functionality. Since the system went live, Clystnet have continued to provide support and feature enhancements allowing us to keep the CRM relevant to our emerging needs. Claire TarrOperations Manager at BCR Associates
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Latest Features

  • Email Marketing

    In just 4 steps, target, build, and send beautiful, relevant emails to your leads and customers that drive action, then view audience engagement to see what grabs their attention and build increasingly successful future campaigns. Finally, empower prospect and customer facing teams with engagement information and insights to help them better identify interests and drive new revenue opportunities.

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