Clystnet has been providing CRM expertise to both the South West and nationally since 2010. We work with a range of opensource CRM solutions, including Vtiger, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM and civiCRM. By offering such a range, we are able to supply, configure and support the right CRM for your business needs. We also develop completely bespoke CRM solutions which may be integrated into your website.

A well configured and run CRM will provide business intelligence, accurate and timely reports as well as effective task automation. By task automation, we mean that repetitive tasks, such as sending reminder emails, calculating totals (such as commission) or even updating records depending on events, may be fully automated. The result is that an effective CRM will save you time, and therefore money.

We have worked with a wide variety of organisations, including Business Membership organisations such as the European Powdered Metal Association (EPMA) allowing them to run a Europe Wide membership system. We’ve worked with companies in the hospitality sector, such as the China Fleet Hotel, Leisure Centre and Golf course in Plymouth. In London we’ve worked with Clubbercise, providing automated course booking, marketing and forecasting through a Vtiger CRM integrated into their website. We’ve also worked within the business services sector (BCR Associates) and energy sectors (Fair Energy and ZCF). Within in IT and telephony we have delivered a CRM to IP Office Ltd in Exeter. This wide ranging multi-sector experience has given us a huge amount of experience, but has also taught us that one size really doesn’t fit all. A CRM system from Clystnet will be unique to you, it will grow with you and support your business into the future.




Very easy to use, navigate and edit. We've been very impressed with the workflow automation and the reporting capabilities, all of which we've been able to set up and edit ourselves. The look & feel is significantly better than our current Sugar system.

James West - Centre Manager



Prior to our first involvement with Clystnet during the summber of 2014, we had worked with a larger organisation to develop a reporting suite for our Rezcomm product. Unfortunately, after almost a year of effort, we abandoned our attempts due to a failure to deliver on all of our requirements - where others had failed Clystnet have suceeded. They have successfully kept up with our changing ideas and requirements, acting in a flexible manner to deliver what we (and our clients) really need. Their ability to understand the business case behind requirements and translate them into technical specifications which are then realised in the final product has always been excellent. They have always delivered to agreed timescales, and have worked outside of normal hours to make sure tha our tight dealines have always been met. Their friendly approach has also helped us build a strong relationship, which isn't something we always manage with IT suppliers! We are now working with Clystnet on a much expanded basis and consider them partners. We look forward to continuing the relationship into the future.

Graham Yarrow - Rezcomm