Supporting a wide range of CRMs including Suite.

There are many other CRM systems available, and many of these have great features, but they come with drawbacks, which need to be considered before you choose which CRM system to use. Among the most popular and well known of CRM systems, there are several CRM systems which you may be considering.




CiviCRM is an open-source system, which was created for non-profit organisations, and it comes in conjunction with Joomla!, WordPress or Drupal. Whilst this means that can easily be linked to a website, it also means that if Joomla or CiviCRM updates, it is hard to update the system, because the CRM system is so interlinked with Joomla, it is a very complicated process to update the interlinked system. Also, CiviCRM is not intuitive and in order to use it, you need large amounts of training, or to spend large amounts of time going through the user guide.



The previous CRM system we used, and is still in use with some of our clients, is SugarCRM. We used SugarCRM because it was open-source, and therefore it kept cost to a minimum. However, it does not have a simple user interface, which means that our clients need a large amount of training or they require us to do tasks regularly.