DevonCRM Pricing

A typical vTiger or Suite CRM setup will require the following:


1. Basic Setup

This involves setting up the hosting environment, installing vTiger for you, setting up regional settings, mail gateway and default requirements.

This process takes around half a day and is chharged at £240.

2. Data Import

Data can be imported from most systems. Before importing data into your CRM, the data is first prepared (deduplcated, converted to the correct format, cleaned and dropdowns setup). We are able to import from just a few records up to several million.  Data import is charged at £60 per hour, with impotrts taking from just an hour if your data is already clean and in the correct format, up to a couple of days if lots of work needs to be carried out preparing the data.

3. Customisation

During the basic setup we are happyh to add some additional fields to uit your needs. However, if you need addiitonal modules or more than a handlful of fields, these will take time to be added. We charge £60 per hour to setup fields, with a new module typically taking around 90 minutes to build, (including new fields), and new fields taking aorund 2 minutes each to add to an existing module

4. Training

Training is provided as required at £60 per hour. We recommend at least 2 hours of user training, and an additional 1 - 2 hours of administrator training.

5. Additional modules and functionality

We can build addiitonal functionality straight into your CRM, or integrate to external systems with ease. Call is for a quote.

6. Hosting and Support

We offer CRM hosting at £20 per month for up to 30 users. If more users arre required, please ask us to quote for you. Our support costs start at £50 an hour, with our innovate 'Support Bank offering' - unused hours may be rolled over to the folloing months.