Developing, installing and supporting vTiger CRM

Never pay a licence fee or per user amount for your CRM again! Simply pay for your hosting and any support you require - the CRM itself is provided without any charges.

Vtiger is a feature rich (over 30 modules) system designed to enhance your sales, marketing, retention and support. It has built in emailing, ticketing, project management and reporting. In addition, it's automation is second to none!  By making a CRM easy to use, Vtiger has produced a CRM that people want to use!

It's also a scalable solution. We're supporting companies within the Building, Hospitality, Consulting, Travel, Energy and Telecoms sectors with Vtiger, with user numbers varying between 5 and almost 200 users. 

We can install Vtiger for you, develop new modules and features, provide consultancy or training and ongoing support. We also offer specialist Vtiger CRM hosting.

Take a look at the key features in the tabs below. 

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  • Outstanding Automation

    Outstanding Automation
    One of the main selling points of the Vtiger CRM is its outstanding automation. Vtiger has a module called Workflows, it is simple and easy to use with minimal training needed. You can set several tasks in motion which are triggered by one record changing. You can send emails, text messages, create tasks, events and records.
  • Vtiger Mail Merge

    Vtiger Mail Merge
    Vtiger allows you to create a mail merge through their PDF maker, which you can use to write letters to your customers, build forms or address labels. To create a mail merge you simply type in any text you want into the editor, and insert the field placeholders using a drop down menu. You can then print, email or export the PDF. This process is very simple, and easy to get to grips with.
  • Integrated Calendar

    Integrated Calendar
    You can easily organise your time by using the integrated calendar. It has different views for a day, week or month and you can share your activities with other users, set up reminders and create repeated events.
  • Integrate your Website

    Integrate your Website
    Vtiger has great software integration that means you don't have to change the tools you use because of your CRM system. You can also integrate your website with your CRM system, and as Clystnet is also a web development company, we are easily able to integrate your CRM system with a WordPress or Joomla site.
  • Improve your Sales & Marketing

    Improve your Sales & Marketing
    Vtiger helps you provide a seamless customer experience across sales and marketing that will increase engagement and win more business. Attract and engage customers more efficiently with marketing automation, capture leads from emails and webforms. Segment leads and enroll them in bulk, drip or autoresponder campaigns. Measure campaign performance and profitablity.


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